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Happy Halloween by NorthboundFox Halloween Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Halloween stamp by badtrane
Autumn Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Autumn Stamp by sequelle : autumn : by Erisilaz
Winter Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Winter Stamp by Werxzy Winter Love Stamp by smileystamps
I Love Xmas Lights Stamp by ClefairyKid Stamp - Happy Holiday by firstfear Merry Christmas by Krissi001


Stamps :: .
Monster Energy stamp by JazzaX And their music sucks monkey balls by bricksasuke002 i heart stockings "stripes" by kurai-yoake
i don't need 3rd wave feminism by itsMYopinion PewDiePie Stamp by VAL0VE Bloody stamp by emptyidentityentity
Bro Stamp by celestial-lights Pride :Stamp: by Circe-Baka Dark Humor Stamp by Drake1
Stamp: Pierce the veil by Ashley44598X Asking Alexandria Stamp by RecklessKaiser :Stamp: sleeping with sirens by Ashley44598X
Winter Love Stamp by smileystamps STAMP: Everyone is too f***ing sensitive by Reptonic Death Metal X Screamo Stamp by soxadoodle
Mohawk Stamp by BritishMuffinPiercing Stamp by ladieofficalPLEASE ohmyfrickinggod by marshmallowcookiwolf
I drink my coffee black just like my metal by MinZki I wanna give you some drugs by MinZki You'll Rebel To Anything by MinZki
Mark David Chapman by MinZkiMSI Stamp #1 by This-Good-KilljoyMSI Stamp #2- I Hate Everyone by This-Good-Killjoy
Don't Hide Us by savagebinnOtep Stamp by XxBrokenVainxXEvery Right by Geth-VI
uh by BaconMagic
:bulletblack::bulletred: More stamps :bulletred::bulletblack:



This woman, this one right here, is fabulous.
She's sweet, caring, perfect and ahh, just overall plain fucking amazing. She's the other of my two bestest friends, and I couldn't ask for a better one. <3
I'm gonna feature her here forever because of reasons. >:I (Being that she's amazing and whoever you are reading this, you NEED to check her out!!)
:bulletpurple: PA: WitheyesclosedherhearBREAKS:::: - by s-ailor :bulletblue: Comm: Wooxx by s-ailor :bulletpurple:
Her art is so amazing I can't even explain to you how much she inspires me.
She has the cutest and defiantly most amazing art style ever. She can draw anything and it would be perfect. :I
Go watch her now! She's my bab 5ever and gives her lots of sweets and loves for me. BU ilut gurl


Are there enough stamps on here yet?
I'm like so jelly of you peeps totes by bricksasuke002 GORE stamp by Cherry-Plasma 0934094 by kitsunekin
Much better to choose what's best. by World-Hero21 Recolors by TheArtOfNotLikingYou Stop Being a Bitch by alaska-is-a-husky
POP IS GAY UND IF U LIKE IT U SHUD DIE by BaconMagic Macs suck by TheArtOfNotLikingYou Trigger Warnings by Foedus-Stamps
Arguing. by TheArtOfNotLikingYou Don't be a pussy. by TheArtOfNotLikingYou Stamp: Heteros aren't oppressed by Riza-Izumi
Shitty Excuse by FlacidPenis Bun Pronouns :: Stamp by faebunPronouns by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me
Annoyed =/= Triggered by genkistampsColors Stamp by Fyi-SusI support Curves by EtherealStardust
Horror by electr0killVintage Stamp by Kezzi-Rose
Excuse you, but no. by World-Hero21

Stamp: Please tell me when by 8manderz8Because fuck Fred Phelps by bricksasuke002Stop fandom abuse - MLP:FIM by HyaKkiDouR4n
GURO STAMP by frogelaJust Don't by crazylaura64PROUD TO BE DEPRESSED11 by Dametora
{Sadist} by xXtoxic-infectionXx{Masochist} by xXtoxic-infectionXxI love sunsets by Shantella
i made a thing by tentaghoulBDSM Stamp by Lentertament
social justice white knights by stmpfckr
Webcam made by KantaJunkage




© KantaJunkage

╭━━━━━━━━━━ ✘✘✘ ━━━━━━━━━━━━╮
Alex / Bi-Pansexual / ♀ / ♏ / taken ♥
Senior / Furfag / Metalhead of all types ♥

I’m just some big furry trash that has a terrible
case of apathy towards most things.
I have no real hobbies but being angry and alone.
I love all sub-genres of metal, fashion, chubby girls, art,
cute things, cats, stockings, bands, horror/gore, butts, hips,
thighs, pastels, and anything punk/alternative related. ★*:・゚✧
Also obsessed with some big dumb idiot called PewDiePie.
I'm fat and gay get away from me.

Pronouns by Haters-Gonna-Hate-MeMorbid Stamp by MacabreVampireI love animals: meat version by paramoreSUCKS
Metal fan stamp by deviantStampsI Love Metal by Chrysalislover
Vegan Stamp by SaturnFinger



Please do NOT note me about your commission, I will get them done asap. Thank you !!
(Unless you wanna change something) Anchor Bullet by Andilizi
i just really am not in the mood to draw/have personal things i need to take care of, plus school has started

Black Lace Commissions - CLOSED by iDaphodilBlack Lace Art Trades - FRIENDS ONLY by iDaphodilBlack Lace Requests - CLOSED by iDaphodil
Donate 2 me for my birthday maybe


© DigiKat04

{ :iconlovelyheartsplz::iconcatatonicasphyxia: :iconroad-to-memories::iconlovelyheartsplz: }
You mean so much to me and I never ever want to lose you. These years we have been together have been the best of my life and I hope that, for years to come, every passing day will be better.
I know we've had our fair share of arguments, but all that matters is that I love you and no matter what happens, I always will. ♥

x 12 / 30 / 11 x

*:・゚✧★ Special Baes! ★*:・゚✧

{ ☆☆ :icons-ailor: :iconheartxsurgery: ☆☆ }

{ ✧★ :: hotties:: ✧★ }

{ :iconchibi--shiro: :iconthehoot: :iconwuhv:
:iconsoulkillur: :icontamarathet: :iconpicatails: :iconchocoxcoffee:
:icondark-shade14: }

{ ✧★ :: Your fucking arts tho :: ✧★ }

{ :iconheartxsurgery: :icons-ailor: :iconchocolatefawn: :iconmiss-mixi: :iconzyira: :iconchibi--shiro: :icontamarathet: :iconfukari: :icondigikat04: :iconxenthyl: }

We have to talk a lot for you to be up here. Thanks. x


One of my two bestest friends on here, she's honestly the one artist I really look up to. I never thought I'd get as close as I am now with her, she's the nicest person ever to be honest. She gets so much crap sometimes and it's just not right.
I draw her too many things bc her characters are just perfect and she just inspires me so. BI You should go draw her art too.
She needs love!
:bulletblue: {c} winter wonderland by heartXsurgery :bulletpink: {AT} Life is EASY when I ain't around YOU. by heartXsurgery :bulletblue:
If I could give anything in the world to draw like her, I would.
She got me to where I am today, and without her I would've never improved the way I did.
She's sweet, most fabbest(thataintaword) and best at everything she does. <3 Go watch her if you haven't! ♥


Anything not listed isn't me or inactive.

Custom box background (c) by Stormful


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